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[Video] Warren Buffett sees unpleasant end to cryptocurrency

Legendary investor and one of the world’s richest people, Warren Buffett recently sat down with CNBC. In the short interview, he gave his opinion on cryptocurrency. According to the billionaire, cryptocurrency’s future is bleak. Other successful businessmen disagree. Unpleasant end In the case of cryptocurrency, in general I can almost certainly say that there will be an unpleasant end for them. When it comes or how – I don’t know that – said Buffett. Moreover, during the interview, the legendary investor emphasized that he did not invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If I could take a put position...

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Bitcoin Rises Above $15,000, Coinbase CEO Introduces the Ethereum “App Store”

The last 24 hours have been exceptional for Bitcoin. Not only did its value exceed $15,000, but it also established a record daily increase! Fewer than 24 hours ago, the value of virtual gold was $12,789. At the time of publication it’s $15,215, according to the coinmarketcap. This means that Bitcoin has grown by nearly $2,500 a day! Let’s remind you that the world’s first digital currency needed more than 8 years to reach $2,500. Now it only takes 24 hours to grow at the same level. Futures baby futures What’s behind these huge increases? Probably — once again...

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What is the value of bitcoin? Video

You may be wondering about the value of bitcoin. Where it comes from, and why something that you can’t even see or touch is worth over 3000$. In this video we will explain where comes from bitcoin value and how it works. Our youtube channel: Dowbit...

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