Dash is a cryptocurrency which aims to revolutionize payments with the help of crypto. This coin is supposed to be fast and cheap, which makes it very efficient. For some time now we have seen a steady increase in value, but on December 17th there was a breakthrough of the first serious barrier — $1000.

The Last Month of Dash

Looking at Dash’s price last month, we can see that the increase was stable. Overnight between December 16 to 17 saw the biggest jump. At that time the crypto also gained over $100 in a very short time.

Source of Sucess

Dash has recently celebrated great successes mainly due to the fact that it focuses on usability. During the World Cryptocurrency Expo in Warsaw, DowBit Polska journalists had the opportunity to talk to Robert Więcko about the future of the project. Dash invests in the development of the project, but also organizes an educational mission. His present success may prove to lay the groundwork for widespread use, especially considering Bitcoin’s problems.

Additionally, faith in Dash comes from the support of a community of avid enthusiasts. Rarely in the world of cryptocurrency, does it happen that users and investors believe so strongly that a cryptocurrency will dethrone the king!