It happened! Ethereum has crossed the $1000 limit and is approaching $100 billion capitalizations! Vitalik Buterin’s project is developing in the right direction. Many investors in the crypto community welcome the changes. But what’s next?

Ethereum will grow

Ethereum doubled in value in December. Starting from about $400, it rose to over $1000! This is certainly a happy piece of information for all investors. At this rate, ETH will become the third cryptocurrency to surpass $100 billion in market capitalization.

However, the community wonders about ETH’s trajectory. Does Ethereum’s course have a chance to continue climbing upwards and setting new records? Redditor, TrueValue Capital, noted that the last time Ripple started to overtake Ethereum, it led to a sharp increase in ETH afterward.

It is hard to say whether this theory will actually apply. Others still argue that the adjustment on XRP will result in new capital inflows to BTC and ETH. Given the recent surge in Ripple, this scenario seems to be much more likely.


The mood around ETH seems to be positive, with the rest it is not surprising. Kryptowaluta, smart contracts, developers and Buterin have already proven on many occasions that Ethereum is a stable project based on a large number of tokens.

Even when the funds were frozen in wallets, Parity kept a cool head and the community continued to believe. That is probably a good sign. We wish you a further ETHero Revolution!