The best places to sell Bitcoin

As with buying Bitcoin, you can sell them through markets, currency exchanges, and peer-to-peer trades.


These should be your first option, because they offer the best exchange rate. You won’t waste money on interest or lowered rates. In a market, the users establish the value, not the market company itself. Their authorization process is thorough, so you are 100% sure of a buyer’s legitimacy.

However, this method is usually quite time-consuming, as it requires registration and verification.

Currency Exchanges

Unlike markets, the Bitcoin value here is controlled by the exchange company, who will pay you less for them.

Although less profitable, they do offer quicker, less complex verification and overall selling process.

Individual buyers

When selling Bitcoins peer-to-peer, you are searching for individuals who don’t want to register anywhere, and want easy transactions. In order to ensure safety and legitimacy, search for potential buyers through official forums, or with the use of special services.

This method lacks of a guarantee that the whole process will take place properly.

Due to the lack of a verification processes, this can be one of easier and faster ways to sell Bitcoins profitably.

What else can we recommend?

You can also sell Bitcoins for cash in your local area. Like in the peer-to-peer method, you need to find a buyer. Then, you schedule a meeting, and send Bitcoins in exchange for cash.