How to accept bitcoin?

How to accept Bitcoin? Enrich your business with additional payment method!

If you wonder how to promote your business and you want to know how to accept Bitcoin, then the following article will provide you with all necessary information. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that slowly becomes the most popular means of payment on the Internet. No wonder huge companies and small businesses are looking for an easy way to enrich their offer.

Getting another payment method is one of the simplest, and at the same time one of the most appealing methods of promoting the business. However, a lot of people wonder how to accept Bitcoin without any problems.

For them, we created a very simple instruction that will provide you with the necessary information. In addition to that, we will also give you benefits of accepting Bitcoin as a payment. What’s more, we share step by step instruction, so you know the simplest and the least demanding method.

Why accepting Bitcoin as a payment is good move?

If someone isn’t familiar with Bitcoin, then we suggest learn a thing or two about this currency. Nevertheless, it isn’t necessary to spend even a minute on learning about bitcoin. It is because of the payment method we are going to introduce you in a while.

The availability to use bitcoins as the means of payment will definitely improve the image of our company. It is due to the wider access. If the company deals with digital merchandise or provides online services, it is even crucial aspect of managing the modern company. More and more online workers receive their payments in bitcoins. Because of that, they prefer choosing companies, where they can pay with the currency they currently possess.

Another reason why Bitcoin should become another payment method in your company is its access. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can pay with Bitcoin as long as you can access online. What’s more, decentralized system of bitcoin allows for quick and free from fees payment.

How to accept Bitcoin? Step by step instruction

There are two main ways of accessing Bitcoin. The first one is recommended for the people, whose knowledge about bitcoins and everything regarding this topic is vast. It is because we can configure the settings ourselves, without using any third party services that do that for us.

However, this is not the option we would recommend to you all. Much better method of introducing bitcoin is with the use of third-party services and companies that deal with payments. By that we mean the equivalents for such companies as dotpay or payU.

How do Bitcoin payment service providers work?

Using third-party service for accepting bitcoin is very simple, clear, and problem free. In fact, it does not require any further knowledge about bitcoin rather than it exists and it is popular. In order to accept Bitcoin via company, you need to follow several steps.

First of all, find the company that can do that for you. We recommend BitPay or Coinbase. The former is very popular bitcoin payment service provider. The latter one, on the other hand, offers much more than just payment management.

Once you choose your provider, you need to choose whether you want to accept payments in bitcoins or you wish the company to automatically exchange the bitcoins for your local currency and send you money they exchanged.

In case of option number two, you don’t need to know about bitcoins need. It is because the company that provides you with Bitcoin payments will do everything for you – even exchange the currency. Of course using third-party companies for Bitcoin payments cost a fee. Nevertheless, it is