how to keep crypto safe


The cryptocurrency boom ultimately brought many dangers for the common Bitcoin enthusiast. Before you start earning cryptocurrency or investing in this business, it is essential to find a legitimate digital wallet. Digital wallets, similarly to our own wallets, can store your cryptocurrency in a safe place. We have covered recommendations for choosing a digital wallet in a previous article, but to recap – “cold storage” wallets are the safest type.

Every time a transaction takes place, there are two keys. Public key is the one you make visible to enable a person to send you money. Private key, on the other hand, is the one with your account balance. Private keys are the most important element of every cryptocurrency transaction system. Always keep your private keys stored in a safe place.

Another essential method of protecting your cryptocurrency is protecting your computer. Not clicking suspicious emails and links can go a long way to protect your digital access. Be sure to have an anti-virus and run checks regularly.