Lisk is a cryptocurrency especially popular in Poland. As one of the hundreds of altcoins, it’s ranked on the major Polish stock exchanges alongside such giants as Bitcoin, Ethereum Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Last week, after weeks of stagnation, turned out to be a breakthrough for Lisk.

Price will grow stronger

Over the last week, LSK has grown by 150%, the most between the 20th and 21st of December. At that time it also established a new ATH at the level of $27.21.

During a recent conference in Berlin, investors eagerly waited for the announcements of technological solutions. Many short-term investors hoping for high returns, bought in and inflated the price. LSK surged to $10 right before the conference. However, the awaited changes didn’t happen and the investors bailed causing a 30% drop in value.

A concrete vision for Lisk’s further development was presented, though. But this vision didn’t satisfy everyone. Now, at the end of 2017, we are witnessing the implementation of new solutions. and many are paying attention again.

Surprise of the Day

The first news that surprised the community was the release of a new version of Lisk Core. Developers made sure that the delegates updated their software.

In addition to the new version of Lisk Core, the LSK team has also presented a new update of the Lisk Nano application. As the team itself pointed out in the Tweet — today’s Gift Day!

Lisk relies on safety

The LSK team has published an article on their blog containing useful information related to the safety of their products. They illustrate their procedures related to private keys and passwords, and caution users to be vigilant against fraud — all due to recent sudden price increases at the LSK.

Observing the last few months of the Lisk team’s activity, it’s apparent that it’s not the fastest operating company in the world of cryptocurrency, but it’s certainly a company that feels responsible for its product, as well as actions taken by investors and the community. If their attitude remains unchanged and they fulfill the November promises, Lisk may turn out to be a cryptocurrency world’s dark horse.