Last week turned out to be extremely important for Lisk. A large fall in price and a conference in Berlin showed what kind of project the LSK will be like in the world of cryptocurrency. We cannot remain passive in the face of such interesting events. Let us sum up what has happened over the last few days!


The conference in Berlin was probably the direct cause of Lisk’s fall in price by more than 20%. Many short-term investors were hoping to see some fix launch dates for specific solutions. As it turned out, Max Kordek and Lisk developers are thinking more in the long term, which means that they intend to publish new products “quickly”.

This caused a short but intense process of selling Lisk “until it can’t be sold anymore. The narrative on social media by short-term investors was in a similar tone.

Lisk chart

The approach of those who look at Lisk as a far more advanced and long-term project is quite different. The u/LiskFTW statement on Reddit perfectly sums up the mood on the other side of the barricade:

It is very interesting to me that non-developers are disappointed by the fact that the restart date is set for 2018, while developers are delighted that some programming tools will appear in December.

As an investor, it tells me that Lisk’s team is betting on the product, not noise and pumping the coin. Make developers are happy and we will earn a lot of money in the future.

I am here in the long term

Some members of the cryptographic world accuse Lisk of being too slow to work on, for such a dynamic industry. However, history shows that high-quality products and services need time to mature. Max Kordek has a year to present a product that will satisfy developers and investors. Perhaps it may even become something revolutionary.


On November 22nd a conference of Lisk founders took place in Berlin. During the event, plans for 2018 were presented. The majority of people interested in the event were counting on the presentation of an SDK, Software Development Kit, software for developers. As we wrote earlier, reactions to the events depended on which Lisk supporters belong to which camp.


Lisk was shown at the conference as a blockchain ecosystem called “Lisk City”. Its components are Lisk JS and Lisky, whose premiere was announced for April 2018. JS is a system of tools that will allow modularization and encryption. Lisky is Command Line Interface (CLI): it uses a code that will make automation and scripting easier for developers, making the platform more affordable to use.

In addition to JS and Lisky, the team also announced web and desktop applications, which are to become a key component of the upcoming changes. This will be another solution that will help make Lisky more useful. This will allow developers to make changes in their client applications.

An additional product of Lisk is to be a decentralized stock exchange, which will enable the exchange of different tokens, when Lisk is a fully operational system. The transmission of tokens between chains will most likely only be possible in September/October 2018.


The second reason for hope, next to the SKD, was the announced rebranding. Max Kordek referred to it more as a complete reboot. It is not only about changing design, but also about creating something more advanced. Developers want to redesign concepts that do not work properly, for example Lisk Nano and Explorer will be individual projects included in web and desktop applications. This will make them new and fresh products.

I know what it looks like. These solutions will be incredibly “awesome”.

In these words Kordek summed up the idea of restarting.

When can we expect a restart then? The date was set at 20 February 2018, which is a much more distant date than expected. It is supported by the team’s efforts to ensure that every step, every line of code, every detail is developed as well as possible. In connection with the premiere, the Lisk team is also planning to organize an event for several hundred people who will be able to watch the launch of the new Lisk live.


During the meet up in Berlin, Kordek emphasized that Lisk was constantly looking for new specialists, both for the positions of developers and testers to QA department. In addition, the team will also start recruiting a scientific team; the first mathematician will join them in December.

As we are already writing about the brand, it is also worth mentioning that Isabella Dell, a key system architect, has completed her collaboration with Lisk. Therefore, this may raise some doubts, and the information may be alarming for investors.


During the conference, Lisk’s creator repeatedly stressed that the most important thing for the brand is to make Lisk safe, useful and accessible. Building great blockchain applications takes a lot of time, just as with building great products.

Cordek’s words are full of vision and self-confidence, it cannot be denied. Patryk Suliga, a Polish influencer, the creator of YouTube channel named “Bez Kanału“, was also present at the conference in Berlin. His opinion after the Meet up was unequivocal. Max Kordek is the future Steve Jobs in the world of cryptocurrency.

Bez Kanału

There is a certain thought in all of this that should be taken into account, especially by the short-term investors’ camp. The crypto industry has made us accustomed to high volatility and dizzying increases and falls. The same is expected of Lisk. Cordek could be a great example of how cryptoworkers will eventually start to mature as an industry. Rushing in the face of a technological revolution is not advisable, but precision and accuracy are.

Dear, dear Lisk, we’ll see each other in 2018!