A month ago, we wrote about an innovative project by the Icelandic artist, Bjork. Her new album “Utopia” was to reward the buyers with AudioCoin and be available to buy with cryptocurrency. The Monero team goes even further. Now there’s Project Coral Reef!

Monero attracts artists

Project Coral Reef gathers 45 artists and 5 online shops, which will sell artists’ albums at a promotional prices during the holiday season — if you pay with Monero.

The list of artists is impressive. Mariah Carey (author of the most popular Christmas hit of all time “All I want for Christmas”), Sia, Lana del Rey, metal legend Slayer, and many more!

The rapper, G-Eazy, expressed his opinion on digital currencies:

“Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular, it is important that my fans have the opportunity to choose how to pay for my songs and gadgets. Monero is one of the safest and most private cryptocurrency, it’s the best option for my fans for the Christmas season – just before the release of my album “Monero.”

What is the Project Coral Reef?

Naveen Jain is the creator and a fan of the Monero project. Throughout his career he has worked with many artists. For him, the biggest barrier to cryptocurrencies is that few businesses will take them. The number of Monero users is quite large and they don’t have enough opportunities to spend their coins on “cool things.” Project Coral Reef is intended to be a partial solution to these problems. Offering popular musician’s products at discount will be a great opportunity to popularize payments with the help of cryptocurrency.

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