John McAfee is one of the most interesting figures in the world of cryptocurrency. His famous Bitcoin bet is well known in the cryptocommunity. Recently however, McAfee decided to share his opinion on some of the most progressive digital currencies.


McAfee announced that his Twitter was flooded with questions about cryptocurrency recommendations. If people had done a little research, they would have realized the future is in anonymous transactions. According to McAffee, Monero, Verge, and Zcash are the most promising. These coins, he says, cannot lose.

McAfee’s approach seems logical. In addition to openness and decentralization, the original idea of cryptocurrency was to maintain a level of anonymity in transactions. Digital currency users are generally people who appreciate freedom, looking for the independence that cryptos provide.

In this respect, many people like McAfee are capable of providing stable, anonymous cryptocurrency development. Time will tell if McAfee puts his ideas into action. It’s possible that Monero, Zcash, and Verge will become popular very soon.


In September, the Trusted Third Page portal published a list of popular Polish websites that use a special plugin to mine Monero on the computers of their website users. The news stirred controversy in the cryptoshere towards specific sites and to Monero itslef.

Although the digital currencies listed by McAfee have many advantages, they also have a dark side. On the other hand, adoption of Monero is growing steadily. Recently a large number of artists have started to accept payments in Monero for their albums. The lesser-known cryptos certainly have great potential for growth, but time will tell whether they will be able to overcome their growing pains and go mainstream.