The NEM. io Foundation, the creator of the NEM platform, paid a visit to Malaysia by the Digital Business Corporation (MDEC).

MDEC is the leading digital economy agency in Malaysia. The meeting was part of the first summit of the Foundation Strategy and Leadership Summit and took place on 21-25 August.

The summit was attended by Hizam Abdul Kadir, Vice President for Growth and Ecosystem. He shared the Malaysia Digital Hub initiative, which gives young startups a chance to develop new big ideas. NEM works with MDEC to support this project.

In addition to the Hizam team, the FinTech group also presented themselves, sharing events from the fintech industry, including the development of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Malaysia.

NEM’s blockchain Centre in Malaysia

The Foundation has launched its own blockchain centre in a facility with an area of almost 1000 m2 in Kuala Lumpur. The Centre will serve as an accelerator, incubator and collaborative space.

Sam Lee, CEO Blockchain Global, says:

“The opening of a non-profit blockchain center in Malaysia allows both Blockchain Global and NEM to pursue our missions to foster mainstream innovation and adoption internationally. We’re proud to work with the Foundation, as we believe their blockchain technology platform is the future standard for mainstream enterprise and organizational infrastructures.”

The Centre will also be an innovative laboratory – NEM Blockchain Innovation Lab – the center of research and development for the NEM platform

Digital Initiatives in Malaysia

As part of the cooperation with NEM, support will be provided to Malaysia Digital Hub’s mission to provide tax exemptions, visas for foreigners and support in the private and public sector for industry entrepreneurs.

MDEC will act as a moderator to attract different groups to NEM networks and technologies and develop solutions for the Malaysian economy.

On a global scale, the MDEC is responsible for ensuring that Malaysia plays an important role in the digital revolution in the world, while at the same time encouraging investors who want to support the initiative and develop modern solutions in the country.