Remember what happened last month? A programmer froze ETH wallets — worth about $275 million– by mistake. Since then, Parity has been working on a way to unfreeze them.

Necessary Hardfork

To tackle the problem, Parity wants to change the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) protocol. This would be a virtual streamlining of the platform’s operation, freeing up blocked resources and preventing the situation from happening again. To implement the solution, it will require the “consent” of network maintainers.

Parity also claims that the funds-unblocking operation is a rescue mission that cannot be carried out without a hard fork. Nick Johnston, developer of Ethereum, criticized the idea. He stated that this solution could cause bugs in contracts.

For the Community!

Regardless of the solution, developers hope that the community will stand up for Parity. The most important aspect in this situation is first of all to unblock users’ resources.