Black clouds again gather over BTG. The issue of the wallet, which has led to the theft of users’ funds, has not yet come to an end, and another scandal is already in the pipeline. The development team revealed that hackers had access to the project’s repository in Github. A modified version of the files could be downloaded on Windows for about 4.5 days. Will there ever be an end to the problems of Bitcoin Gold?

The fate of Bitcoin Gold seems to resemble the mythological Sisyphus. Once everything appears to be going well and the project can continue to develop, further serious problems destroy the efforts made so far. A not very successful launch of the new cryptocurrency could have raised doubts: even basic tools such as wallets or block explorers were not available after the fork. To some extent, the development team dealt with the task because in the following days the missing elements were made available.

Problems of Bitcoin Gold – the team promoted a swindler?

One of the most pressing issues was that users should have access to their coins. Among the methods listed on the project website was It was supposed to provide access to Bitcoin Gold after supplying private keys. As it turned out, it was only a cover for the extraction of keys and theft of funds. In total, cryptocurrencies worth more than 3 million dollars were stolen. The fact that the scam was promoted by the team behind BTG is pouring fuel on the fire.

The person responsible for theft was well prepared for the project. The wallet was originally available on Github as open source. Later, the code was modified so that the user keys go directly to the fraudster. Its harvest was $3 million in BTC, $107,000 in Bitcoin Gold, $72,000 in Litecoin and $30,000 in Ethereum.

You shall (not) pass

However, BTG continues to surprise in an unpleasant way. Yesterday, the team announced that the link to download files on the Github project website was changed. The situation took place between 21 and 25 November and all users who downloaded modified files at that time should be very careful. If you installed a shady version of the software, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your computer and move your cryptocurrencies to other addresses. To date, there is a lack of detailed explanations and descriptions of how the hacker gained access to the repository.

According to the creators of Bitcoin Gold, their accounts have been secured and they do not expect further attempts to take control. A security audit is also to be carried out. Unfortunately, once lost, confidence is very difficult to rebuild, and yet another setback only worsens the situation. Do you still believe in BTG’s strength, or will this series of attacks effectively kill the new cryptocurrency? According to Coinmarketcap, currently it’s the 5 largest cryptocurrency.

Problems of Bitcoin Gold