One of the most popular US TV Series, The Big Bang Theory will premiere an episode called “The Bitcoin Entanglement”. The episode is scheduled to air on 30th November 2017 on CBS channel.

Episode about Bitcoin

There is little information about the episode’s plot but according to the fandom’s Wikia, the episode of this season will revolve around main characters finding a laptop belonging to an ex-boyfriend of the main character. Things get interesting when the five friends discover the laptop contains Bitcoins – a windfall discovery, given that Bitcoin (in the real world) increased more than sevenfold in value this year, going from $1,000 at the start of 2017 to $7,700+ this month.

Bitcoin for the wider audience

As suggested by Reddit r/Bitcoin users, the primary demographic of The Big Bang Theory is one that Bitcoin doesn’t have a lot of exposure to, so this could increase the user base. But Bitcoin topic fits just right in the series plot.

Attention in media and pop culture are a positive thing for the virtual gold. Media can increase wider audience interest in the digital currency, instead of keeping it as a ‘techie’ thing which average viewer won’t understand. Another case of that is Bjork, Icelandic artist, who allows paying for her newest album in cryptocurrenciesit’s both sign of adoption and familiarizing the public with new means of payments.