Anonymous VPN service TorGuard announced that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments over the Lightning network.

In an effort to reduce transaction times and fees, users can now pay for TorGuard services with Bitcoin using Lightning.

LN mainnet payments

Lightning network testnet launched last month to excitement within the crypto community. TorGuard is the first in the industry to accept Lightning Network mainnet payments.

Bitcoinist reports, TorGuard developers expressed their frustration with the testnet interface.

Lightning network enthusiasts responded with excitement as a customer service representative offered LN payments.

“Do you have (an) LN (mainnet) node up and running? If so, I can invoice you for 1 month of our service for only 1 satoshi,” the representative offered.

Critics argue however, that transaction costs could be significantly higher due to channel operating costs.

Bitcoin flaws

Bitcoin users claim Lightning will address some of the cryptocurrency’s flaws. For example, high transaction fees and slow confirmation times continue to stymie the network since the cryptocurrency has gained millions of new users.

Alternative cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Ripple address the issues too, but with different approaches. Early Bitcoin adopters though remain confident that Layer 2 updates such as LN payments will provide the necessary updates to the original cryptocurrency.

Ideological debates still rage about which cryptocurrency best serves the spirit of freedom, decentralization, and subversion best. Do you think Lightning Network will solve Bitcoin’s ills? Or do you think that one of the altcoins will replace the original crypto? Tell us what you think in the comments.