What is a decentralized application?
What is a decentralized application? Learn more about decentralization in regards of applications!

The whole concept of decentralized apps (the so-called dapps) doesn’t vary from the concept of decentralized currency. It basically uses the lack of middleman and the lack of any deepened verifications. Furthermore, decentralized applications don’t need users that will manage their pages. In other words, decentralization of applications let you create your own software and add it to the blockchain.

Of course the whole process of creating decentralized application is very difficult. It demands quite a lot knowledge. Still, it is one of the most important elements, making Ethereum and other open-source software very valuable blockchain-based participant. In order to learn more and find the answer on the question what is a decentralized application, we encourage you to read the following article!

In a nutshell, our page will show you what is a decentralized application. What’s more, we will also give you a glimpse how decentralized applications work.

What is a decentralized application – in-depth information

We are aware that some of you want more specific explanation how everything regarding decentralized applications work. Nevertheless, we are here to give you the basics about this subject and prepare you for more demanding content.

Decentralized applications work on the base of blockchain technology. When bitcoin uses it and its users to keep the ledger of all transactions, Ethereum makes use of computing power in order to fix all the problematic designs and correct any and all mistakes.

In order to fully understand how game-changing decentralized applications are, we need to have the basic knowledge about programming. Everything published to the blockchain technology is unstoppable and uncontrollable. No one need to manage it. To put it simply, dapps make a direct connection between users and providers.

The crucial aspect of decentralized applications is the flow of information. Thanks to dapps, there is no censored or fake information. However, it isn’t a definition, since the concept of decentralized application is very new and it is hard to define its limitations and restrictions. Worth to note is the fact that each decentralized application is an open source software.

How can we use decentralized application?

Now, when the question what is a decentralized application was answered, we can have a look at the variety ways of using dapps. Of course we still need to remember that the whole blockchain technology, where we can find dapps, have limitations. One of them is the need of using self-executing smart contracts. Despite the fact they are very useful and can surely automate the market, they restrict our options.

Although we cannot create everything we want, we still have a lot to offer. Decentralized market can surely make use of such applications and services as decentralized social network groups, or even expanding the technologies we already know. A great example is giving us the chance to watch a short video from any place of the world. Of course people, who record them, will later receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency.

Another interesting way of using blockchains and dapps is video gaming. There are several examples of virtual worlds in Ethereum network. Because of its decentralized system, no one can shut it down. Not the players, not the administrator of the idea, not even the authors of Ethereum or governments themselves.

Summary – will decentralized application matter?

Taking into account all the occurring ideas, concepts, and innovative methods of using blockchain and decentralized applications, it won’t take long until decentralized application will become worldwide popular. At this moment it provides too much freedom and possibilities to fail.